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Please Note: Unknown person(s) have used Eduvideoafrica's email and made purchases claiming to be "info@eduvideoafrica.com" - please note that this site HAS NO BANK ACCOUNT NOR ANY FUNDS ATTACHED TO THE SITE. We provide FREE photographs and educational resources. We do not accept any responsibility for purchases made using this site's name. We, the owners of the URL, do not make any purchases via this site. Goods purchased using our name were sent to an address in San Diego, USA. We are EduVideo AFRICA. Our address is in South Africa. These goods were not ordered by us, nor paid for by us. I assume someone is building credibility prior to reneging on a big payment. Do not fall for this scam. Thank you, John P. Clerk South Africa.

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Use of the photo’s

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I hope the photo's are proving useful. I have over 5000 new images to add, but this will take a while as each one has to be edited and formatted for the site in the right resolution. Note that the current resolution is more than adequate for use in PowerPoint Presentations, in tests and in notes. For these purposes, they are copyright FREE. However, commercial developers (e.g. Textbook writers, Film Makers, etc) will find that the resolution is just too low for professional publication purposes. Commercial developers may contact me for permission to use the Hi-Res images - which permission will be granted for a small fee. Copyright will be extended on an image-by-image basis for specific purposes at reasonable, negotiated rates. Thank you, John Clerk

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Hello Fellow Educators, The exhaustive process of re-editing the DVD Series has finally been completed. It has received the approval of the Department of Basic Education (RSA) in terms of the Senior Phase (Gr 789) CAPS Syllabus (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement). This was hardly a surprise as I was the lead-writer of that very CAPS Document. Much of the material suits the Design and Technology curricula of other countries too. The DVD  Series is now Multimedia which, in addition to the original VIDEO, now has keywords on-screen, explanatory definitions (e.g. Mechanical Advantage; Ohm's Law; etc), diagrams - including Systems Diagrams, Graphs, Flow Charts, animation and information drawings (e.g. cut-away diagram of how an extrusion moulder works to make plastic gutters), as well as over 400 photographs.  Ninety minutes of no-longer relevant material has been removed, and over 9,5 hours of new material added. All video lessons have been edited to fit within a normal 30 minute lesson - the maximum lesson is 28 minutes long and the average lesson time is 14 minutes - allowing you to wrap up, consolidate or demystify issues some learners may struggle with. 28 of the 140 lessons will assist the senior phase Natural Sciences teachers. Many of the introductory sections can be used for the Intermediate Phase learners - teachers will find that the level of these is accessible to the Grades 456 learners. Learners in Grades 10,11 or 12 who are struggling with concepts like electricity or skills like drawing will also be able to revise the basics and catch up quickly. QUESTIONS: Each lesson ends with a set of Questions designed to test concentration and comprehension. Some are very simple, but many will challenge the learner and can be adapted for tests and examinations. The full set of questions, with detailed answers will be posted on this website shortly. N.B. Home Schoolers: Those many brave mom's and dad's who have opted to go the home schooling route will really welcome this series. Technology is such a broad subject that finding all the information packed into this series will take the hundreds of hours I have put into this series - the upgrade and dubbing into Afrikaans took me just over 2000 hours.  Those of you lucky enough to have gifted children who want to go further will be delighted. This series will be a life-saver for many of you. Even those utilizing non-South African material will find that this series will meet your needs. Very few teachers, even few "technical" teachers, have expertise in all FIVE  of the subject categories. With 43 years of teaching and subject advisory experience behind me, I have taught both Technology AND Science at many levels. I was re-trained as a Technology Teacher and was also the National Examiner for the Grade 9 CTA's - Common Task for Assessment. Note that this will cover virtually all the electricity needed by the Science syllabus, as well as topics like corrosion, electroplating, and extraction of metal ores. I have been very careful to teach the sections in a way that will minimize the misconceptions so often created when a teacher lacks the deep understanding of key topics - for example, at workshops I have only once had a teacher be able explain mechanical advantage correctly - most go on about "less energy" or "less work" ... which unfortunately are examples of the misconceptions which I regularly encounter. Similarly, how the National Electricity Grid actually works cannot be explained using the knowledge gained by simple d.c. circuits with batteries and crocodile clips. I deal extensively with alternative 'renewable' energy solutions - including the Inga-3 Congo River project (recently announced by President Zuma in  his State of the Nation Address - July 2014). Technology Creates the Future is arranged as follows: A. Mechanical Systems ................................................................................... 6.6 hrs B. Electrical / electronic systems ................................................................... 7.8 hrs C. Structures ................................................................................................... 3.7 hrs D. Technology Drawing (sketching / plans / artistic graphics) ..................... 6.8 hrs E. Processing ................................................................................................... 4.7 hrs F. Teacher Guide (including photo's for MiniPAT’s) ..................................... 2.2 hrs There are also 13 PowerPoint Presentations for you to use AND sets of notes on various topics. Furthermore, the full series - called Tegnologie Skep die Toekoms is now available in AFRIKAANS. Both the English and Afrikaans Versions are approximately 32 hours each - and come on either a Set  of 20 DVD's or a 32Gb MicroSD Card for your Tablet or a 16GB MicroSD Card for your Smartphone. We recommend using the DVD's with a Laptop & Data Projector for Classroom use, and having the SD Card option for your prep at home - that way you do not have to use the family DVD Player and TV. There are various price options and discounts for combinations. Those of you teaching in dual-medium schools will want both the English and Afrikaans versions. The price for one set of 20 DVD's is R2964 (ZAR) including VAT and P&P. The 32 GB MicroSD card for Tablets and High-end Smart Phones is R2698 and the 16 GB MircoSD card is R2641. The value is in the contents, not the packaging. If you take one set of 20 DVD's and a 32 GB MicroSD Card, the combination will cost R4769 ..... as saving of  R893. If you take one English and one Afrikaans set the combination will cost R4940 ..... as saving of  R988. If you are interested, please send me an e-mail and I will send the full order form and all pricing options. International orders can be arranged. Thank you, John Clerk

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New Text Book aimed at raising standards

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Hello, Sadly, South Africa continues to under perform in Internationally Bench-marked Science tests. This fact is what made my authoring team decide to enter the field and produce a textbook series aimed at improving this situation - viz. Viva Natural Science and Technology Grades 4-6. With our publisher - Vivlia Publishers (+2711 472 4261 or sales@vivlia.co.za) we embarked on the challenge of producing a really top-class textbook. It was highly rated by the Department of Basic Education's Selection panel and was accepted for inclusion in the National Catalogue (see www.thutong.doe.gov.za - the South African Education Portal). While many teachers have raved about the quality and level of the work set, some teachers have said that the "standard is too high." They are badly mistaken - remember, our schools have been coming last in international tests. If we compare our books with others, we agree that the standard aimed at is much higher - and so it should be ... how else will we lift our nation out of the last three positions where we have been languishing for the last 16 years? Viva Natural Science and Technology Grades 4-6 unashamedly has raised the bar higher. With the enriching information for teachers in the teacher guides, we are sure that our teachers will rise to the challenge and teach at what we are convinced is the correct (high) level. Guidance is given throughout the comprehensive Teacher Guides. To assist with Assessment, we have Question Banks (with 600 graded questions and memoranda), 300 other questions in the Learner Books, as well as sample examination papers with memoranda. The additional enrichment  for teachers is designed to make it easy for them to access additional knowledge related to the lesson material that will give them a broader understanding that will enhance their ability to teach the topics. So - we have a textbook series aimed at lifting the standards of science education in the intermediate phase. We are also developing a DVD series as additional support for teachers using our book. Order can be placed through Vivlia Publishers. Thank you, The authors: Dr E.Robinson; JP Clerk; L. Mdluli; DP Clerk; DM Robinson.

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After a truly massive effort, we met the deadline and submitted the Viva Natural Sciences & Technology Grades 4-6 Text Book Series to the scrutiny of the panel of experts at the Department of Basic Education (DBE - RSA). We had polished and tweaked and error-checked until exhausted ....... but it has all been worthwhile. Our book series has been approved and is now one of the EIGHT approved titles on the National DBE Catalogue.  We have reviewed some competing titles and honestly believe that our's will be rated in the top two. The books are very competitively priced and I am sure that Viva NS&T represents the best value-for-money in the catalogue. You can order from Vivlia Publishers NOW: +2711 472-4261 Superb artwork, excellent diagrams and stunning professionally taken photographs put this textbook series at the top of the pile. In addition, the content is thorough and clear. We have always intended that this series should be part of the solution that will lift the standards of Science Education in South Africa ... teachers who use these books will find that their learners do not occupy a place at the bottom of the internationally bench-marked assessments (like the TIMS Studies where we have languished at the bottom (with Morocco) for far too long - by the way, this sad position is not just an overall average - it was for each and every question in the 2003 TIMS report. Good News for all you hard working teachers out there: Our Teacher Guides have a QUESTION BANK, graded according to difficulty, with over 200 Questions per grade (more than 600 total for the phase). These are in addition to the 100 or so questions in each Learner Book. So, even if you do not buy our Learner Books (and we hope that you do), you should buy the Teacher Guides - both for the Question Bank AND for the many carefully written Teacher Enrichment sections - You don't know too much about fossils (we can help); You don't know too much about astronomy (we can help); You don't know too much about wetlands (we can help); You don't know too much about rocks (we can help); not too sure about mains electricity and the national grid (we can help); not too sure about lightning and its dangers (we can help). And more Good News for teachers: EduVideoAfrica specialises in VIDEO. We are busy with our 12 DVD Series (1 disc per term Gr 4, 5 & 6) which will be ready for you in time for 2014. Do not order now - an order form will appear on this site in November 2013. This DVD series is fully CAPS compliant and, although developed by the same team that wrote the Viva NS&T Text Book series, it will be useful to all teachers - no matter which publisher they chose. This set of DVD's will help you to "take your learners" all over the country... Want to see Trace Fossils like dinosaur footprints?  We take you to three sites in Lesotho where Lesothosaurus prowled 208 million years ago. Want to see Fossils like petrified wood?  We take you to the Petrified Forest in Namibia. Want to take your learners to a wetland to develop the research report? We go with you to the Abe Bailey Wetland AND three others. Want to take yours learners to see alternative power generation? We take you to the Gariep and the Katse Dams. And so on --------- What will just one of those trips cost you?  Far more than the R2400 we are asking for the entire set - which you can use year after year. It is SAFE; TIME EFFICIENT and COST EFFECTIVE - -  - and you do not need indemnity forms and you do not need to collect bus fare. I know you can hardly wait - BUT give us a bit more time, the wait will be more than worth it, and the Video Quality and Educational Merits of the material are superb.

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