1 Set of DVDs 2 Sets of DVD’s (Same School)
R2576.50 excl. VAT ($215 USD / €200 EU) R4300.00 excl. VAT ($360 USD / €330 EU)
Packing & Postage R37.50 (For South Africa Only) Packing & Postage R50.63 (For South Africa Only)
International Shipping: $25 / €15 International Shipping: $30 / €19
VAT R366.00 (For South Africa Only) VAT R610.00 (For South Africa Only)
Total: R2980 ($240 USD / €220) R4960 ($390 USD / €355)
Value for money: The net cost of the series works out at R80 per hour. In comparison, other educational DVDs covering other Learning Areas, and sold by Topic, work out at over R124 per hour. There are currently no other DVDs in South Africa covering Technology Education.   Delivery: Within 3 weeks of order placement AND payment received.

Payment Details:

Payment Via Electronic Bank Transfer to:
  • EduVideo CC
  • Bank: Nedbank
  • Branch: Krugersdorp 1988-41
  • Account: 1988447437
  • Important! Please ensure that the school name appears with the payment (reference)