New Text Book aimed at raising standards

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Hello, Sadly, South Africa continues to under perform in Internationally Bench-marked Science tests. This fact is what made my authoring team decide to enter the field and produce a textbook series aimed at improving this situation - viz. Viva Natural Science and Technology Grades 4-6. With our publisher - Vivlia Publishers (+2711 472 4261 or we embarked on the challenge of producing a really top-class textbook. It was highly rated by the Department of Basic Education's Selection panel and was accepted for inclusion in the National Catalogue (see - the South African Education Portal). While many teachers have raved about the quality and level of the work set, some teachers have said that the "standard is too high." They are badly mistaken - remember, our schools have been coming last in international tests. If we compare our books with others, we agree that the standard aimed at is much higher - and so it should be ... how else will we lift our nation out of the last three positions where we have been languishing for the last 16 years? Viva Natural Science and Technology Grades 4-6 unashamedly has raised the bar higher. With the enriching information for teachers in the teacher guides, we are sure that our teachers will rise to the challenge and teach at what we are convinced is the correct (high) level. Guidance is given throughout the comprehensive Teacher Guides. To assist with Assessment, we have Question Banks (with 600 graded questions and memoranda), 300 other questions in the Learner Books, as well as sample examination papers with memoranda. The additional enrichment  for teachers is designed to make it easy for them to access additional knowledge related to the lesson material that will give them a broader understanding that will enhance their ability to teach the topics. So - we have a textbook series aimed at lifting the standards of science education in the intermediate phase. We are also developing a DVD series as additional support for teachers using our book. Order can be placed through Vivlia Publishers. Thank you, The authors: Dr E.Robinson; JP Clerk; L. Mdluli; DP Clerk; DM Robinson.
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